Last year the DVSA introduced revisions to the training and assessment for all those engaged in MOT Testing, from the MOT Tester entry route, the MOT Tester (all classes) and the MOT Manager.


If you wish to become an MOT Tester you will need to achieve the MOT Qualification which has replaced the Nominated Tester Training (NTT) course which was delivered by DVSA.


When you apply for the MOT Qualification course through an Approved Awarding Organisation Centre such as ourselves, you will still need to show  that  you meet the qualifying criteria to become an NT (as before) , which includes:


  • hold a relevant accreditation/qualification
  • hold a current and full UK Driving Licence for the class of vehicle you wish to test
  • have no unspent convictions
  • have 4 year’s experience in the motor industry as a mechanic on the class of vehicle you wish to test.


To become an MOT Tester, you will then need to achieve the MOT Qualification (which will be a minimum of 24 hours with at least 8 hours practical) for each vehicle class that you want to test.


You will then need to complete a VT8 (Demonstration Test) which will be observed by DVSA. This can now be achieved at your Vehicle Testing Station or at a training provider centre such as Fast Pass Training.


Once you have achieved both the MOT Qualification and the VT8, you will then be able to carry out MOTs at a Vehicle Testing Station.


Note:    All existing MOT Testers will be exempt from the new qualification, unless they are subject to a disciplinary request from DVSA when they may need to achieve the MOT Tester Qualification as part of the necessary actions to reinstate their MOT Tester status.



As part of the revision to the MOT Tester training, from 1st April 2016 the 5 year MOT Tester Refresher Course has now been replaced with the new MOT Annual Training and Annual Assessment, which each existing and new MOT Testers will have to complete in order to maintain their testing status.


Every MOT Tester will be required to complete training as follows:-


  • 16 hours over a 5 year period with at least 3 hours every year (this will be a rolling process).
  • Required for each class of vehicle that they test apart from the generic content that overlaps between the vehicle classes.


This process, often referred to as Continuous Professional Development (CPD), will allow MOT Testers to update their skills each year in a manageable way, without the need to be trained by DVSA over a 2 day period every 5 years.


The syllabus will be set by DVSA and will change yearly  (1st April  through to 31st March) with the industry being informed of the changes early in the year that it starts.


Every MOT Tester will need to plan their annual training and keep a record of it as evidence that they have completed it, this may be through a hard copy/certificates or held within a computerised system. Each time the Vehicle Testing Station is inspected by DVSA each of the MOT Tester records will be checked to ensure this is completed as required.


Each MOT Tester will also have to pass an Annual Assessment Test (the test will be aligned to the annual training needs, DVSA Special Notices and general MOT Testing) which will be completed online.


MOT CPD and MOT Annual Training App developed by Testers for Testers!



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